In the past, our focus was mainly on event organisation. But now, we operate as a full-service communication agency. Fancy becoming our partner?

When you welcome a creative idea into your world, your brand's value rises massively. Say hi to clever solutions and creative energy that makes your brand as cool as can be.

Effective social media presence, aloha!

Affectionate greetings make the office environment cozy, too.

We know that well. How well? This well.

The Gang

Attila Sujtó Attila Sujtó

Attila Sujtó

Senior Creative

Mónika Kertész Mónika Kertész

Mónika Kertész

Senior Account Manager

Luca Urbán Luca Urbán

Luca Urbán

Creative Director

Kata Stiller-Árva Kata Stiller-Árva

Kata Stiller-Árva

HR Director

Ákos Erdős Ákos Erdős

Ákos Erdős


Vivien Agócs-Peller Vivien Agócs-Peller

Vivien Agócs-Peller

Account Manager

Máté Dabosi Máté Dabosi

Máté Dabosi

Social Media Manager


Gold for Best Hybrid B2B Event at the 2021 UNICEO Live Communication Awards
Rebeka Szüts Rebeka Szüts

Rebeka Szüts

Graphic Designer

Eszter Demeter Eszter Demeter

Eszter Demeter

Graphic Designer


BT Hungary
Grand Prize at the Hungarian PR Association’s Employer Branding Awards
Réka Theobald Réka Theobald

Réka Theobald

Finance Assistant / Office Manager

Judit Hesztera Judit Hesztera

Judit Hesztera

Account Manager

Dóra Farkas Dóra Farkas

Dóra Farkas

Finance Director

Flóra Elek Flóra Elek

Flóra Elek

Account Manager

Nóra Hegyi Nóra Hegyi

Nóra Hegyi

Creative Manager

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Zorka Czebe Zorka Czebe

Zorka Czebe

Account Assistant

Boglárka Liska Boglárka Liska

Boglárka Liska

Senior Account Manager

Bence Gellért Bence Gellért

Bence Gellért

Senior Account Manager

Teodóra Matisz Teodóra Matisz

Teodóra Matisz

Senior Graphic Designer

Aliz Márton-Styrman Aliz Márton-Styrman

Aliz Márton-Styrman

Senior Creative

Zsófia Utassy Zsófia Utassy

Zsófia Utassy

Account Manager

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