Szászi Birtok

Branding and communication


In 2021, we created a new brand identity for Szászi Vineyard, one of the first certified bio wineries of Hungary.

Our challenge was to design a full brand identity that tells the story of the family-owned vineyard’s dedication to high quality products and services. An additional marketing objective was to increase awareness of the brand amongst younger audiences.

Since the target audience is drawn to vibrant design and sustainable products, we came up with a creative concept that is inspired by the abstract and landscape paintings of a Szászi family member.


We applied the paintings’ textures to different designs from bottle labels to social media posts to create a mix of tradition and innovation, characteristic of the brand’s dual vision.

As part of the brand refresh campaign, our scope included the redesign of the brand’s digital communication platforms and the development of a new website with e-commerce functions.

Going forward, we started a long-term partnership with Szászi Vineyard to raise awareness of the fresh identity, improve the brand’s gastronomy strategy and create unique designs for each new product.